How to have more casual sex

The difference in interest for casual sex is negligible. Clark and Hatfield had one pretty major flaw in their study.

Lube Review

It is a very simple fact in life that Lube makes everything better. There are ‘Tingle’ lubes, Warming lubes, flavoured lubes, consistencies ranging from thick and gloopy through to thin and watery.

Cardboard Porn

When my little brother got me the google cardboard, I immediately tried out a couple of the games in the app store, but it was less than 24 hours before I went looking for some porn.

5 BDSM Based Tips for Management.

advice the kink scene can offer to vanilla people, specifically in management. I thought through some power exchange relationships, changed ‘Dom’ to ‘Boss’ and the rest just kind of flowed…

The V-Day War!

To hell with chocolates, flowers, chocolate flowers and florets of chocolate being sold in mind boggling quantities

Online dating how-to

One of the most common questions I hear asked is “How Do I Meet People Who Are Into X?”

Rope Allergy.

This is why treating your raw jute is a good idea and being a Chemistry graduate, I would be remiss if I didn’t do it with SCIENCE!!!

Communication Skills

Be prepared to explain why you need it, why you feel you should get it, but step 1 is “I have this need.”

Being a Kink Blogger

Back in 2010, Clarisse Thorn asked the community of kink bloggers a series of questions. I came across them the other day, and figured I would answer them.