Differences Between Kinks and Fetishes.

I talk a lot about fetishes and kinks on Hetaera. A lot of people have approached me over the years questioning if their particular fantasies are “normal” especially when they are typically seen as being “weird”. But what is normal? Let’s start by defining fetishism and kink: — The World Health Organisation defines “fetishism” as:…

Podcast E4: Polyamory Questions, Polyday and Fetlife

https://www.podbean.com/media/player/qf5ky-6232b9?skin=11 This episode: The 10 most commonly asked questions regarding Polyamory, an interview with the two main names behind polyday (polyday.org.uk) about this year’s event a report on the recent changes to Fetlife’s sign-up policy.  Polyday tickets can be purchased at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/polyday-2016-london-tickets-24365709493  Sorry for the radio silence for the past month, and a huge thank you to everyone…

Lube Review

It is a very simple fact in life that Lube makes everything better. There are ‘Tingle’ lubes, Warming lubes, flavoured lubes, consistencies ranging from thick and gloopy through to thin and watery.

5 top BDSM myths debunked

Picture this as more of a pick ‘n’ mix assortment: you may like a whole range of things while the next person enjoys a few small treats. Everyone is different.