Why community leaders sometimes break consent

Risk and idiocy in the kink sceneThink about the last interaction where someone was annoying as hell and you struggled to have a conversation in a civil manner, had to choke back on raising your voice. Think about the last time you heard a story about a community leader who broke consent. Think about the…

How to have more casual sex

The difference in interest for casual sex is negligible. Clark and Hatfield had one pretty major flaw in their study.

Is Polyamory for you?

I decided to create a bit of a question list for you to sit down and ponder, to decide whether non-monogamy is really something you should be trying out *at this time*.

Episode 2: News Items

A very quick episode looking at recent news in BDSM and poly. Pick this week was yellsos.org; Check them out.

And we’re (finally) back!

Sorry to everyone for the month of silence: BT dropped the ball and we are only now back online in a steady capacity. Recording has started for the podcast with episode 1 due to go out next week on everyone’s favourite topic: Jealousy. Want to be in the podcast? Got any questions, comments or advice?…

Poly and the future

Regardless of whether poly relationships are going to be legally recognised, securing the rights of those practicing alternative lifestyles will be an interesting one

Self care

Sorry for the silence these last couple of weeks: I was unable to breathe due to a chest infection, which led to my having no energy to get a piece up. Combine that with the moving and everything, you can see how busy I have been.