Dissecting relationships

-Re-examining an old blog post, May 5, 2013 So back in 2013, a partner of mine asked me the rhetorical question ‘where is the boundary that differentiates relationships from friendships?’ Three and a half years later, I am sat using a fantastic polyamory specific visual representation of relationships, and once again, I am wondering where the…

Is Polyamory for you?

I decided to create a bit of a question list for you to sit down and ponder, to decide whether non-monogamy is really something you should be trying out *at this time*.

And we’re (finally) back!

Sorry to everyone for the month of silence: BT dropped the ball and we are only now back online in a steady capacity. Recording has started for the podcast with episode 1 due to go out next week on everyone’s favourite topic: Jealousy. Want to be in the podcast? Got any questions, comments or advice?…

Self care

Sorry for the silence these last couple of weeks: I was unable to breathe due to a chest infection, which led to my having no energy to get a piece up. Combine that with the moving and everything, you can see how busy I have been.

Online dating how-to

One of the most common questions I hear asked is “How Do I Meet People Who Are Into X?”

Communication Skills

Be prepared to explain why you need it, why you feel you should get it, but step 1 is “I have this need.”

Being a Kink Blogger

Back in 2010, Clarisse Thorn asked the community of kink bloggers a series of questions. I came across them the other day, and figured I would answer them.