Who we are

The Hetaera (or Hetaira for the particularly well informed) were the educated courtesans of Ancient Greece:imbued with intelligence, communication skills and a focus on quality.

This is why we have chosen to embrace the name of the Hetaera. Our mission statements are to create a community space for education, meeting others, education of the skills and best practices and to create the most fun and entertaining experience for the community at large to use.

Well, lots of love and respect, we are off to get working.

-The Hetaera Team


LaRasa – The original brain behind the project, LaRasa has been on the UK scene for five years and refuses to stop. A decade of running coffee shops has seen him described as a ‘coffee expert’.

Nekome – Brought on to add some realism into LaRasa’s original idea of “Let’s do a Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory type thing, but for good sex.” This purple haired kitten likes good tea and interesting people.

Vipera – The girl who giggles when in pain was brought on for her expertise in fine clothing and her “Shut the fuck up, LaRasa.” attitude. When not being tied up, she enjoys crochet and earl grey.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi guys, this is very cool.


    1. LaRasa says:

      Thanks Michaela! We’re working hard on getting more content up. 😀


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