What we know vs what we need to know


Did you know that there are seven different kinds of intelligence?
Linguistic—good with words

Mathematical—good at numbers

Musical—good with rhythm and sound

Visual-Spatial—good at thinking in three dimensions

Bodily-Kinesthetic—good at physical activity

Intrapersonal—good at understanding oneself

Interpersonal—good at interacting with other people

The problem with conventional education is that most schools only teach the first FIVE kinds (Linguistic, Mathematical, Musical, Visual-Spatial and Bodily-Kinesthetic), while standard paper examinations only test the first TWO (Linguistic and Mathematical).

What’s the result? That schools tend to underteach intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence (Nos. 6 and 7) even though they are so important in adult life. As is so often the case, the skills we learn at school and the skills we need in life don’t quite match.

Could this be why so many people are just the worst when it comes to dating? They’re unable to approach people because they have never been taught how to understand both how they are presenting themselves and how they are effecting others?


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