Survey results!


Ok, two weeks ago, I started a campaign to ask about the proposed subscription box and the results are in!

Of those who had a look, 57% are women, 42% are men and at least one of us resents facebook’s binary views.

65% are between 18 and 24

16% said they would not be interested in a subscription box, 58% said maybe and 25% said yes.

To the question ‘If this were the offering; 6-9 assorted condoms, a container of lube, massage oil or relaxing candle, how would you rate the set?’

8% said great, 33% said good, 42% said average and 16% said poor.

So then we posed the question ‘If bonus items were added, what kind of items would you like to see?’ And here’s a cross section of the various answers we got;

  • Candle, massage bar
  • Dental dams, those tiny vibrator batteries that are really hard to find, tiny really dark chocolates because DAMN, wet wipes that don’t smell of hospitals
  • Samples of more premium/specialist lubes, vouchers for money off somewhere like lovehoney, erotic fiction, sexual health guides, guides to techniques, guides to clubs etc.
  • Small kink items. I don’t know what these would be but that’s why I’d like it. I’m new to kink apparel/toys so I’d like exposure. I have no idea if there are things small and cheep enough to include though.
  • Toy wipes, inimate wipes, insense stick, mini vibe, cock ring
  • more kink-related items
  • Bullet vibes are always given out as bonus items in these things please try and be different.
  • Things like bondage tape, cuffs, perhaps insertables or vibes too
  • Toys
  • A different sex toy each month

And an overwhelming comment (60%!) was to consider latex free items.

I’m going to be setting up the online store for the next couple of weeks, but rest assured, this feedback has all been taken on board.

And hey: Thanks for helping out.

Stay sexy.


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