It has been a while

So, I’ve been working hard with the day job and on a few other projects related to Polyamory Activism. It’s been taking it’s toll. Not just on me but on my ability to keep up with generating new content for Hetaera.

As a result I am making a concerted effort to double down and really re-connect to all my readers, viewers and listeners.

Once things settle down a bit, I’ll let you know and start growing again!

In the meantime, if you have any stories you would like to share from the past month, or if you are particularly looking forward to Valentine’s Day fun, reach out, we would love to hear from you!

CLICK HERE for the Facebook page or email I will aim to answer any emails and where possible, read any stories on the podcast.

I am endlessly appreciative of all of the support you’ve all shown for me and this project. I promise I’ll get right back at it.


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