Holiday round up.


So the holidays are over…

And as with every year, the non-traditional have felt the struggle of doing traditional family celebration things.

From those of you who came out to family to those of you who were alone because people had all primaried up, here are a few resources that can help you come to some clarity:

1) had a guest post from Noël Figart,  ‘the polyamorous misanthrope’ in 2015 about polyamorous holidays: when you’re the secondary.

2) Bustle had a post from Dedeker Winston from the multiamory podcast called ‘Common judgements non-monogamous people hear – And how to respond.’

It included many of the common poly questions, including ‘is this a sex thing?’ And ‘isn’t that cheating?’, with some brilliant responses.

3) The multiamory podcast which is run by Dedeker, Jase and Emily put up ‘Happy Polydays 2: this time it’s personal‘ which follows on from last year’s ‘happy polydays’ (Not to be conflated with the polyday event)

4) we now have a resource for people to be able to give out: ‘when someone you love is polyamorous: understanding poly people and relationships‘ which is available as an e-book for about £3. It establishes that even if you are a crazy person, you’re not crazy on your own.

5) Eli Shef (author of the above booklet and ‘The polyamorists next door’) wrote an article in psychology today entitled ‘Poly for the holidays‘, which featured tips on managing the holidays for poly folks and their non-poly families.

So now we have a ton of resources to spread around and prep those of us who are debating coming out during the 2017 holiday period.

Lots of love to everyone this year.


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