PSA: Octomas

Happy 1st of Octomas! The new 5 day holiday from 20th-24th October (which just so happens to cover the week of my birthday.)

For all twue believers from the Church of Unified Light Transition, you will be familiar with the concept, but for all those I have yet to incorporate into the totally real system of belief, let me break down the five steps for you:

Day 1: reconnect with the self.

Take day 1 to evaluate your own life. Are you happy? Are you healthy? Have you gotten tested in the last 6 months? If the answer to any of these is no; spend some time trying to figure out how to move towards a yes.

Whether your emotional and mental health is eased with video games and books, or by dubstepping through the night, focus on yourself this day and remember that you are awesome. Love thy self, for self care is important.

Day 2: reconnect with friends.

Day 2 is about reconnecting with friends. Get in touch with those you choose to surround yourself with and reaffirm your connections.

Day 3: lovers

This stage is all about reminding your lovers that they are special to you. Find out how they receive love best and do what you can to make them feel loved. From messages to long distance partners to chocolates in bed, to fill out orgies of sensory delight, today is about spreading the love far and wide.

Day 4: family.

Connect with the family you have, whether biological, married into, or just those you consider to be your family. Let them know what you appreciate about them and their support.

Day 5: freestyle!

There is no set tennant for day 5. If you want to spend the day recovering from the previous 4: do that. If you want to repeat one of them, that’s also good. If you want to connect with your fellow humans by handing out sandwiches to homeless people, go for it! There is a day for you to decide what it is you want to connect with.

-The illustrious leader, the lazy slut, LaRasa

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