Lube Review

by LaRasa

It is a very simple fact in life that Lube makes everything better. There are ‘Tingle’ lubes, Warming lubes, flavoured lubes, consistencies ranging from thick and gloopy through to thin and watery. They can be water based, silicon based and oil based. Some specifically formulated for anal sex, some for ‘intimate massage’ and some for fisting. Details of our upcoming lube wrestling events linked to at the end of the article.

So with all this variety, which lubes are the best ones?

Well, whether you are looking for the best water based, or the best for fisting, you’ve come to the right place for the complete rundown. The answer, you see, is not so simple as a single product, especially as everyone has their own preferences and you would need to try every lube on the market (Trust me on this: there are hundreds!) before really having all the data.

Combine that with the fact that the best for you may not be the best for your partner and you see the problems which can arise.

So for simplicity Sake, we have compiled a list of our favorite lubes available today, all great picks for a night of fun and frolicking with partners. First though, the sciency parts:

Lubes typically fall into the categories of Water based, Silicone based, oil based and organic. Some of these can cause problems with toys, others can effect the biochemistry of the mucosal lining of the vagina and/or anus causeing painful dryness, some just don’t provide the right amount of slipperiness for long enough periods.
Water Based Lubes

The best water based lubes are the ones which are most used as they are safe for use with condoms and silicone toys. Condom manufacturers will often recommend water based lubricants as a result of this fact with the most popular brands being the astroglide series.

The biggest downside to water based lubes is that they can be easily absorbed by the body, leaving a ‘tacky’ feeling on the skin. The absorption results in having to reapply the lube often and in the disconcerting feeling of having it re-hydrate when you are showering afterwards (“Aah! Why am I suddenly covered in lube again?”). This absorption can also lead to drying out causing skin tears or yeast infections in some users.

The flip side of this being that they are easier to clean up than any of the other products, as they can be cleaned off by simple soap and water alone. One surprising contender here though are Boots own brand lube: It is a rather thick, water based product which does not require re-application very often.


Our Pick: LIQUID SILK, a luxury, non tacky, water based personal lubricant which will assist and enhance sexual intercourse, intimate massage and foreplay.
Silicone Based Lubes

Silicone lubes have one big point in the ‘pro’ column: They last longer than any other lube on the market and require very little for a lot of slippery fun. this obviously comes with some great savings in terms of cash money, so are useful for BDSM on a budget.

As they are more waterproof, they can be great in places where there is a lot of water (Hot tubs, anyone?) and the fact that they are not absorbed by the body makes them great for anal sex. interestingly, as a result of silicone being a better lubricant, it usually has fewer chemicals than water-based lubes.

So what’s the flip side of all this?

Silicone lube cannot be used with silicone toys (for example, the Lelo wands) as they break down the silicone and ruin it over time. They can be quite difficult to wash off as well, leaving you feeling ‘lubey’ for a period even after washing.


Our Pick: Sliquid Silk: a water based lubricant with a silicone blend, glycerin and paraben free, hypoallergenic and non- toxic. Latex & rubber friendly.


Anal/Fisting Lubricants

Anal or fisting lubes are formulated to be thicker and more durable than others and many of them contain a numbing agent to quell fears that anal sex is ‘painful’. This numbing agent is Benzocaine and honestly needs to be avoided at all costs. Your body’s pain sensation is a red flag: If it hurts, stop doing it (BDSM not withstanding). another problem with any numbing agent is that it can be transferred to places like the penis (meaning longer lasting sex, but more damage if it would be painful without the numbing agent) or mouth. Steer clear until you have a bit of experience with anal and know whether the pain is bad or good.


Our Pick: Fisting Gel, A completely odorless, non-sticky and long-lasting.
Flavoured Lube

People like myself like a lot of oral, so flavored lubes can be quite a fun little way to experiment and provide a sweeter taste. Also: food in the bedroom is a fun little passtime.

One huge downside is that a lot of flavored lubes are made with sugar and can lead to yeast infections. If you’re particularly prone, we would recommend steering clear and just find another which doesn’t leave too much of an unpleasant taste in the mouth.


Our Pick: ID Juicy Lube: Kiwi or Strawberry

Oil Based Lubes

In the same way that silicone based lubes run the risk of breaking down silicone toys, oil based lubes (for example baby oil or vaseline) can weaken and break down latex, so you run the risk of breaking down condoms or latex clothing. The best oil based lubes are natural ones though, so many women find them to be the best solution for avoiding irritation occuring from lubes with a lot of chemicals.

Our Pick: Standard baby oil or vaseline work well.

If You would like to test the benefits of each of these picks (except the oil based picks), then you can pick up our lubeĀ multipack from the hetaera store. If you’re interested in a *LOT* of lube, we are running a lube wrestling event on the 13th of March.

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