January Update

I think that Hetaera is the best example i can give of the amount of energy I can throw into a project: the idea was created halfway through December and since then, we have progressed to the point of having a full business plan and now trying to find investors.


As well as finding ways around different things, for instance the wording of the sex shop licence application is quite vague,

so we are trying to get clarification on items that are covered by this.

We have also released a number of pieces and explored things like online dating, communication and so on.

I personally am planning to attend some events in the coming month: The LAM, the pet munch, visiting a dungeon in the city and one still undecided. Alongside these, I will be trying to get at least one article up each week, so get in touch and let me know if you have any requests.

On the patreon front (at https://www.patreon.com/Hetaera :-D), we now have two patrons:


Alex came on board in January and in the past day, we have also had Beth join us, meaning that we are up to $3 per month!

While looking for investors, we posted up in the angel investment network asking for £200,000 and we have found the entire ordeal to be a pain in the ass! check out the basic pitch: https://t.co/0Tq16zhrLO and if interested, get in touch here.

First off, it allows you to fill out your proposal and after it is filled, you have spent two days figuring it all out, etc, it then hits you with the fees page. ‘You can pay £150 to keep it looking the way you have made it, or you can have a free version which looks awful’

Well we went for the basic version (or ‘novice’), and a few days later we had an investor express interest. Then we were told ‘oh, if you want to see your messages, you need to pay that £150’

So yeah, we are now back to square one with trying to find the right investors.

And now, looking to the future:

With valentines day coming up, we will be looking at doing a giveaway of some kind.

We have a piece in the pipeline for ‘switching while female’ courtesy of Vipera, event reviews (including a review of Eddie Izard’s current show, poly coffee and the pet munch), we will be trying to find new writers, artists and so on, and will be continuing to try and find that elusive funding.

On top of this, we will be trying to get the webstore up and running and showcasing some of the in-store Items which we plan to stock.

We will also be trying to get video and looking into the possibility of a podcast this month, so keep your eyes peeled, keep the faith and stay sexy.

-The Hetaera Team

Ok guys and gals, that’s all from me in this post: be foolish, happy, wild, sexy & naughty together.


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