Product review: Icicles No. 52

By LaRasa


First off, I fully admit to having a thing for amazing shape and design in my toys. That and the number of tentacle porn jokes I can make with this thing was enough to make me want one as soon as it came onto my radar.

Product Description
Elegant design, hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail, the icicles range of glass massagers is sexy as hell.

52 is (as you can see) curved to hit all the right spots, this luxurious glass massager is designed to stimulate both the g-spot and the prostate.

I would say an insertable length of about 7.5-8 inches, counting the head.

The gorgeous design is really perfect for beginners. The head is tiny with just a 1 inch diameter, so it is very easy to insert. Once you lube up, the smooth glide of the glass is effortless.

The flattened “shaft” of the toy gradually gets more girthy, though it doesn’t follow the same round shape as the head, Instead flattens out somewhat, bulging out to about 1.25 inch diameter at the widest point.

As someone new(ish) to anal play, this is really somewhat disconcerting in the initial stages, but grows to feel pretty amazing. Lubed up well, it is an incredibly easy to use toy.

So let’s talk texture: you can see along the top that it is lightly pronounced. This is a pretty pleasurable sensation, as they are no so pronounced as to be a burden (which would seem to be the case with icicles number 24…


…Which has no chance of going in me at this stage) and with that slight reservoir, lube is retained easily.

The design does seem to focus less on the feeling of fullness and more on the stimulation of the g-spot or in my case the prostate and the curve is perfect for being able to target that solo. The little hoop-tail makes it easy to hold onto and also means that for anal play, there is no fear of it slipping too far in and being lost forever.

The glass is hard enough that you can retain the stimulation however, as someone who clenches hard when they cum, I found that this was also something of a drawback: I hound it a little painful as opposed to the ‘give’ I have had with other products.

Once we’re done obsessing over the gorgeous design, we have to consider all the amazing qualities of glass as a sex toy.

Glass is 100% non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and non-porous – making it incredibly body-safe and easy to clean. When cared for properly, glass toys (and Pipedream’s in particular) can last a lifetime.

Cleanup is easy as anything, which is a bonus for all glass toys. Toycleaner, wipes or even just warm soapy water will do though I personally do go for boil sterilising: bring a pot to the boil and pop the tentacle in for 3-5 mins.

Allow to cool a bit before handling as these things retain heat! They’re fab for temperature play, leaving hem in the fridge or popping them in a bit of warm water for a minute is sure to evoke a reaction!

Glass is an incredible material for a sex toy, but not everyone get it right: If the toy is too curved, textured, bumped, or ridged, the unforgiving material can be way too intense or even painful.

Final verdict:
The Good:
1) Sleek and smooth.
2) Innocent excuse with this design “Oh, that’s just an artsy thing…”
3) Easy clean
4) Easy use
5) Easy to store: both of my tentacles hang on a small hatrack in my toy cupboard.

The Bad:
1) That unyeilding glass does not allow for clenching.
2) ummm… it’s pink? Not bad in itself, But I would love to match with my red & black colour scheme…

The Ugly truth:
Yes, that’s a spagheti western joke…

As a bit of a larger guy, I will admit that trying solo anal play is a matter of learning a bit of contortionism, but once I had found the position for me, the curve and easy slide of this toy made it awesome. That was until the climax, when I clenched everything and clamped around the shaft, this made it a little difficult to remove, but the small bulbed head countered that.

All in all? I would say 9/10 for the experience.

Ok guys and gals, that’s all from me in this post: be foolish, happy, wild, sexy & naughty together.


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